Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Old smell...memory forever!

How it feels when you suddenly come across an old smell? Be it your mother's hair oil or the smell of known perfume which your first girlfriend used to use on special days; they are living in our deep down memories, but comes afloat only something reminds them. When the smell of the warm earth comes with the first rain, my bloodstream gets a shake! It reminds me the childhood, running bare foot from one field to another, playing with friends and I used to inhale deeply the smell of just-wet earth.

Smell of the Chatim flower (flower from the Devil tree) on a full moon night used to make me think of the neighborhood girl, perhaps I was in verge of completing a decade on earth by then. Today when I get the same smell, I remember that full moon night when I first encountered it; but time has washed away the image of that neighborhood girl...now it's just a soft shape all together.

Smell of chicken being cooked on the Sundays was another feeling of happiness. Even after thirty odd years, that smell tells me, it's Sunday! How we identify each day, event, person using one or all of our senses. Neither the day, nor the event or person stays, but the smell stays back with us till we die.

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