Friday, February 19, 2010

Just 1141 left...

From 40,000 to just 1,141...what a drastic fall in numbers within less than hundred years of our National Animal - Tigers! All it started in the name of Royal Sport, and now completely re-branded as poaching - killing tigers never stopped in India. From Bandhavgarh to Sunderbans, the story is almost same and the bottom line is just 1,141 of tigers are left in India.

It's truly high time, that we join hands to save them...or else our next generation will only see the photos or a few in zoos. Thanks to Aircel for starting the campaign for saving the tigers. I support them wholeheartedly and I request all my readers to join the roar, in whichever way it's possible for you. No help is smaller and every bit of it will be counted to save this animal.

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