Friday, June 11, 2010

Little update, nothing much...

The uncanny feeling for not been able to put few words on this blog has just become lively in last few days. Blame it to some of my friends, who can literally see the end and deserve well to whip for not writing. I’m thankful to my fate for gifting such wonderful friends, who can be philosopher & a guide at any given time.

Well, last couple of months passed in jiffy just by settling me at my own place. It’s something like a great carpentry hole which is so perfect that the piece of wood which goes in doesn’t have any chance to make little sound, leave alone the frail chance of coming out! I did that, and now mostly successful in not making noise.

But the good thing is the shutter was not out of reach from my fingers for long in these days. There were few assignments, which went well and I’m expecting to have few testimonials from my customers for photography. And finally, it’s the call of the mountains again…Ladakh beckons – and this time its arranging & managing complete tour for a bunch of photographers to the mystique land of Ladakh. ‘Photo Tours India’ – my photo touring company has started showing great response and now it’s my turn to deliver more than expected.

Rest after I come back from the mountains…