Friday, November 19, 2010

Chennai Food Guide

I always feel withdrawn whenever I get the flight tickets to Chennai; as the Rasam & Idli sambar do not share a very good relationship with my taste buds. This time, I thought to check out couple of things - the nightlife in Chennai and some decent food joints near the area I was staying - Mylapore. Here goes my small review:

Nightlife in Chennai is almost ceased to exist on the week-nights. My first try was at Zara Tapas Pub, the most happening place in Chennai these days. Unfortunately, 'stags are not allowed' - and they mean it. There were few foreigners who were trying to get in, but couldn't.
Then I hopped to the one at Hotel Savera. Decent one with a specious dance floor, but empty! There were not more than 5/6 people all together. But the bartender guy was very friendly - 'Malay', as he said his name. Music was pretty much sedative kind, but they said its different in the weekends - the only difference is the party starts at 7 PM and the entire pub is closed by 11:30 PM; really early, eh?! So guys, if you're looking for a night out in Chennai, make sure you start early and then rush to the food joints to feed your stomach.

'Kadaikudi' - the specialist Tamil Nadu food chain in Chennai. Try out their Chicken Kadai with Paratha, spicy stuff but a very good change from regular dosas & sambar.

'Amrapali' - the Andra food joint is nice for their Biriyani and the Black Pepper Roasted Chicken. You can have that with Dosa, along with the chatnis. Don't forget to taste the special chatni made out of red chilli & ginger - very spicy & hot to open up all your senses!

'Coconut Lagoon' - Located just at the top of Amrapali, this place is famous for their Keralite style. 'Kari Meen' fish preparation within a banana leaf is a must try. It's a mouthwatering starter and then followed by the beef preparations. Well cooked, nicely served - this place will surely give you some memorable food!

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