Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ghajini: another entertainer

A man can only remember incidents of last 15 minutes; he is searching the killer of his fiancée, but doesn’t know how he looks like. He always carries a camera, keeps photograph of each place & person he comes across and also takes the photograph of the person he killed – just to confirm if he is ‘Ghajini’!

What a fantastic storyline, but finally the film turned out to be another entertainer movie which has a new face actress, couple of songs and loads of bloody violence. After the release of ‘Taree Zameen Par’, serious movie lovers kept a lot of hope from this Aamir Khan starred film, but the director couldn’t keep that.

Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan) is the chairman of a mobile phone company & is a high-flying business tycoon who falls in love with a small time model Kalpana (Asin, the newest face in bollywood). The first half of the story reveals how a businessman like him could fall in love with a small time model who just does couple of ads for some small time brands. After the first 30 minutes of the beginning - where the director was able to keep the viewers with straight back; the flashback starts.

And finally the second half of the movie goes in finding Ghajini and at the end - the revenge! The director is successful in keeping the secret of ‘what happened on 1st January, 2006’; but that pulled the movie to quite a length. Had the editing been little compact, viewers would’ve enjoyed the movie. At times it felt like a prolonged revenge story.

Asin did a good job taking into consideration that it’s her first film. Aamir is very matured and given his best to bring out the role. Kudos for his eight pack abs which he did for this movie and it worked well. Music has nothing great to remember.

Aamir, we’ve lot of expectations from you and surely you can make films beyond a mere entertainer.


  1. In case of Ghajini, I agree with Masand.
    Ghajini is a dumb movie, but it glorifies dumbness. :)

  2. The movie would be a crap was anticipated by Aamir himself and so he started promoting the movie, which is very unusual of Aamir. Getting into a war of words with SRK is also unusual of him. After Lagaan and TZP, we expected a lot more from Aamir other than Ghajini.