Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Adieu 2008

Another year, three hundred and sixty six days and probably some million minutes & milliseconds are gone with the year 2008. Some hopes, some learning, some misunderstandings, some loving moments, some cheerful nights and of course, some lonely nights – everything was there what life & death can offer. Shutter of the mind kept on shooting each moment with a greater clarity every day and the sorrowed side is heavier, if I divide the snaps.

The mid-year storm of loosing someone close to my heart was the most terrible time and the fag-end of the year made a friend a distant one. Someone’s melancholies and someone’s suppressed depression – both are worth giving another look; but who has time even if the feelings are more prominent than the presence of the human beings. Life takes it all, the million milliseconds, all three hundred and sixty six days…one complete year!

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