Monday, March 2, 2009

incomplete sentences

past midnight. half-filled glass. rum & soda. thirsty. pastels & charcoals. drawing papers. canvas. laptop. ms-word. fonts selected. page setup done. word count: 0. smoke. filled ashtray. couple of words. select all. delete. some more words again. select all. delete. brush. oil paint. scratches. pencil. drawing. tear canvas. twelve days to go. full moon. sleepy guards. dark.

empty glass. thirsty. few lines. word count: 23. better. filled glass. closed eyes. memories. pain. some more lines. smoke. empty matchbox. flowing words. half-filled glass. new canvas. barking dogs. figure on canvas. horn. cabs. empty glass. word count: 460. colored canvas. whitish horizon. thirsty.

accomplished night.

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