Monday, February 23, 2009

The fishing legacy

Dandapani looked at the sea for few minutes like every day. His father taught this to him; he couldn’t recollect how many years ago. He was probably 8 or 9 nine years old when his father took him to their fishing boat for a night for the first time. According to the senior, Dandapani was old enough to learn the family business. That’s the beginning, and like that evening, he looks at the sea every day for few minutes before commencing night’s journey for living and hope for prosperity; which he never found in his 51 years of age.

It looked like a gloomy day; he had a fight with his wife throughout the day on petty cash. This regular event took an unusual turn when his wife couldn’t find enough money for their son’s medicine. It was nothing serious, looks like a normal fever and therefore Dandapani asked her to wait for a day before going to the doctor around the corner. And that’s all ignited his wife to bring down each day of poverty of last 26 years.

Dandapani started his journey with two of his regular assistant, but he was very inattentive to his work today. ‘Looser’, that’s the only word was coming to his mind about himself from beginning. There were few fishes on the boat but it was nothing compared to what he was supposed to get on an average day. And then suddenly, there was a storm. The storm took the waves in such heights that Dandapani never seen or heard in his lifetime! It was utterly difficult for them to keep the boat floating. Finally, after few minutes which looked like few light-years, they couldn’t resist the storm & the waves. All three of them were just drowned in that unimaginable current. Only one of his assistant could survive from it, which was nothing but miracle!

Dandapani’s son who was sick that day listens to this story from that assistant who was there with him on that night. They say that storm is called ‘Tsunami’; he doesn’t know what it means apart from his father’s death! The word ‘Tsunami’ and Dandapani’s death are seems synonymous to each other.

Today it’s his turn to see the sea for few minutes before starting off the journey!

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