Sunday, December 6, 2009

‘Paa’ – a must watch!

The promo was jaw-dropping, which actually took me to the box-office to buy the ticket of ‘Paa’. And after coming out of the theatre, I think the160 bucks are well spent.

The complete movie is about a 13 year old kid – ‘Auro’ who is suffering from a rare disease which is genetically acquired. ‘Progeria’ – the official name of this incurable disease and Amitabh Bacchan played the role. It will be an understatement if I just say he ‘played the role’; actually it’s a complete reinvention of this 67 years old veteran actor. Again he proved that he is highly under-utilized in Indian cinema. R.Balki did a great job in selecting him, as it was only possible to bring out ‘Auro’ by him and in title showing, ‘Introducing - Amitabh Bacchan’. This is truly a reinvention of an actor.

Abhishek & Vidya were good to their extent; mainly Abhishek was great in picking up the intricacies of new-age politicians of India. Balki is surely an exceptional director who makes unconventional movies, but this time he proved that he’s capable to make absolute stunning ones. The dialogue was humorous, keeping the audience engrossed to the movie throughout.

I would say there are two things that Balki could’ve avoided – the political issues which we usually see any bollywood movie and do some more study about ‘Progeria’ before making the movie. As most of the viewer is unaware of the disease, its okay for him to create scenes like ‘Auro’ dancing in rain and roaming on Abhishek’s back. But the fact is none of these are actually possible by a person suffering from ‘Progeria’. They can’t even stand even if ceiling fan is running at its full blow.

‘Paa’ is surely a must watch movie for all ages. Just because each of us should know what Mr. Amitabh Bacchan can do! Kudos!!!

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