Saturday, December 26, 2009

A tight slap to our education system - '3 idiots'

Comedy, a genuine & needed message, a big but not boring screenplay, good editing and poor lyrics but good dialog - thy name is '3 idiots'! I'm not sure if I need to thank Chetan Bhagat for the plot of this movie, because, the movie takes almost a U-turn at the middle from the novel of Mr. Bhagat, 'Five Point Someone'. Thanks for inspiring the director though, Mr. Bhagat...perhaps he found a good point of start with this bestseller novel.

As we have seen the previous works of Raju Hirani in Munnabhai duo, I was sure this new movie is coming with a message. But I just couldn't imagine that the message could be this powerful to hit the education system of India so hard. Let's not discuss the storyline which will take out the interest of the future viewers, but this message to the viewers was long overdue. Perhaps this movie made ten years back could have saved some lives of the unborn Picasso or Shakespeare who go to the engineering/medical colleges on family pressure and end their lives.

Aamir is as good actor as he can be, and same goes for Maddy & Sharman Joshi. The trio jelled together well, but Kareena hadn't much to play. Above all, I must mention the superb acting of Boman Irani; he again proved that he is a character player and currently there isn't anyone nearby him. Kudos, Mr. Irani!

Editing of the movie is so good that audience will not feel bored even for a minute. Choice of location gave a fresh look to some of the scenes. We need this sort of movies to speak out for each rotten segment of the society. Parents, please watch this!

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