Friday, January 2, 2009

Hope 2009

Another year arrived; just the last character of the date field got updated and it’s a new year! We’ve welcomed the year with crackers, music, dance & of course booze and surely with lot of hope. But what’s going to change? We are still trapped with recession which surely is going to be there for entire year, fear of terrorism every time we lock the main door & go out, uncertainty at every step; but it’s a new year!

Looking back – usually we do it at the end of the year. Do we just look back, visualize those days and feel happy or sad? How many of us really take the lesson that life had taught in last three hundred and sixty six days? Another year arrives just like that and passes by with the changing pages of calendar and again, another arrives.

Isn’t life more meaningful when taken a top view? Impersonalize myself, and I see the movie named ‘2008 and my life’. This approach allows me to judge the ‘shots’ but never allows to‘re-take’! Only the mistakes can be seen to learn how not to commit the same next time.

‘Hope’ – another four letter word which drives each human being every time. And this four letter word brings a new year, a new month, a new day and a new moment. Live for hope!

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