Monday, February 2, 2009


From dictionary: - noun. A pulsation of the heart including one complete systole and diastole.
Origin: 1840–50; HEART + BEAT

That’s it. How easy it is to describe in a dictionary! Ask the mother-to-be who’s dying to listen to the heartbeat of her unborn foetus. Ask the man who has just lost his companion of fifty years on a sudden heart-attack. Ask the girl who keeps her ear on the chest of her boyfriend to listen the systole & diastole and thinks it’s saying just her name! Is it really this easy to describe?

The mother-to-be perhaps lost multiple chances to become a mother and now she’s desperate to be one. What she feels when she hears heartbeat of her foetus for the first time? Is it just the systole & diastole? Doesn’t it give an enormous pleasure at every pore of her body & soul?

And the gentleman who just lost his companion with whom he spent five decades, some million hours and shared some billion seconds of happiness, sorrows, anger, love & passion! What stopped her in this journey called ‘life’? It’s only systole & diastole, and someone else’s rest all complete cycle of systole & diastole will be meaningless!

The girl, who’s in her late teens and spends most of her evenings with her boyfriend, lies down on the bare chest of her man and listens his heartbeat; feels that it’s murmuring her name deep down her ears. As if his heart was born to whisper her name on her ears, nothing else! Is it the only systole & diastole?

Much more than an entire dictionary can handle! Mr. Robert Cawdrey, with all due respect to you; you did a poor job!

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