Monday, February 9, 2009

Neither with you, nor without you

It was the fading sun on the Kashid beach with the last golden rays of the day – those were playing with the water. The water & the horizon seemed to be most beautiful at that moment. People around who were playing with their kids on the beach so far, are now speechless to see the magnificent color of the sky and the sea!
Suddenly the water on the shore started howling. It asked the sun, ‘why you bring these lovely golden rays just twice a day? I wait for you the entire night for the morning rays and again the entire day for this glorious evening! Why these just for few minutes? Why can’t you stay like this always, which makes me a mysterious woman of Arabian nights?’

The melting sun replied, ‘My fair lady, I’ve been made for this. If only I stay with you throughout, then what will happen to the moon? You are again stunning but so different on a full moon night! The stars can literally give up their life to fall in love with you on those nights! What will happen to the mountains on the other part of the earth? There they are waiting for my rays all through a dark night; I need to make them gorgeous as well. And the seas on the other end are freezing and I need to make them warm; so that the creatures under them can live their life. Therefore, I cannot give only these dazzling golden rays to you always; darkness must come for you to get this again!
I love you all; the mountains, all the seas, all the human beings and all other creatures. My rays are surely there for you, but not only for you; my love! On the other hand, you also make me beautiful. Without your waves, I would look dull even on these golden parts of the day. Therefore, my dear Arabian sea, I can neither be complete without you, nor I can be complete with you.’ The last red dot on the horizon goes beyond the vision of the sea.

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