Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the ruins of Hampi

Million years must have gone by, gone are millions of life by Tungabhadra. But the gigantic stones and the ruins of Hampi have seen them all; millions of sunrises, some zillion gallons of rainfall, perhaps the birth of Tungabhadra! It’s not easy to stand in front of those stones, some of them could make the best architect cry for their size and some could bring out tears from the best sculptor for their shapes! As if they are reminding every human being, this is what you are…a small 5 feet or 6 feet human with egos bigger than life, filled in your heart!

There are tens and thousands of visitors are coming to Hampi from every corner of the globe. Each of them is amazed to see the structures, formation of the stones, the ruins and the sunsets. But nobody wants to listen the stones, their silence speaks thousands words which is not audible to human ears. I heard them, heard them all. Each of them has a story to tell, how they reached here, how the kings and their army men put their feet on them, how they conquered & defeated, how the boy & the girl from the neighborhood jumped to end their lives, how they enjoyed the pain from my tripod and how they wanted me to spend time on their lap for last thousands years, everything!

I don’t remember when the sun had gone down beyond the Hemakuta hills; it must be some hours by now as it was pitch dark where I couldn’t even see my hands. I started climbing down; each rock at a time and the rocks were as if holding each other and created a barricade for me so that I don’t fall down! After few hours of combined effort of myself & the stones, I was back at the plain land mid of my friends. But to my utter surprise, I couldn’t hear a single word my friends were saying! I was just doing a guess work by looking at their face and hands. How can I become deaf all of a sudden? I feared for some time.
But by next morning, I was able to hear everything; all the noise from my dear ones!

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