Thursday, January 29, 2009


It was the darkest night, last one. Perhaps I didn’t see any darker night than this in my life. It’s around couple of weeks to go for the full moon. And I was riding on a butterfly’s back for this entire dark night. We started after the sunset, therefore, couldn’t see my carrier-friend before the start of our journey. We just kept on flying high, conquering heights of every visible and all intangible sense. I was enjoying every bit of it, as well as my butterfly friend. The intense joy was pouring in every bits & pieces of our pores.

I felt little drowsy at the fag end of the night. A sense of downward fall awoken me up and I found it’s the pre-dawn time and my butterfly friend is taking me on its back and flying fast towards home. And just at that time, I could see my friend; with all the colors and their shades on it. As if God has painted it with his own hand to make this so enchanting! I kept on watching this finest creation perhaps for some million years. And slowly, to my utter surprise, the colors of the butterfly were fading off. By the time it took me to my bedroom, it was all white! All the colors were lost, all fine brush strokes; it looked like a blank canvas. It was a jaw dropping sensation for me.

‘You needn’t be so worried, mate!’ said the butterfly sitting at the corner of my room. ‘I don’t know whether I’m colorful or colorless, it actually depends on the beholder. When you concentrate just on me, feel the most untouched senses along with me, you see my colors. I’m the most colorful element to your heart at that point of time. And with the rays from other priorities of life, my colors get faded in your eyes. It’s just the state of your mind which actually sees the colors, not only on my wings, but everywhere...’

Just after that it pulled itself out from the wall and in fraction of a millisecond, it made its own way from the window. Did I see those amazing colors again on that fraction of a millisecond?

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