Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The magic stone – II

It was the fatal attraction which pulled me from bed this morning just after a sleep of just four hours. I had no plan to go for jog as it was quite late last night listening to the 3rd symphony of Beethoven. It was the intensity of the music which didn’t allow the sleep to reside on my tired eyes. But even then, the sheer magnetism of the colorful stone pulled me up, get into the jogging shoes and I started the day.
It felt like a long walk till the place where I had left the stone yesterday. And finally a sigh of relief came out after looking at it; it’s there at the same place. I gently approached and stood in front of it. There wasn’t any sign that it knew me. I gave a closer look and yes, I can see the colors even today. Everything was just like yesterday, the place, the fog, the people and even the stone itself. But alas, it’s behaving just like another stone which didn’t recognize me at all!

I sat down on the wet grass and lightly asked, ‘What happened? Why aren’t you talking today? I woke up just for you and you are behaving as if you’ve never seen me in life! And yesterday you were talking about waiting for me for some more million years!’ There wasn’t anything audible for few seconds and then it just rolled back couple of times and stopped showing me all the colors of a rainbow in it. Colors and colors everywhere dazzled me for few moments. And then it slowly said, ‘Why can’t we keep silent for a day? You couldn’t identify me till yesterday and just within a day’s time you are excited to talk to me. Isn’t that silly enough?’ A sense of dejection started creeping within me and it kept on increasing with every passing silent moment.

An absolute silence. As if the world has become dumb or we have turned deaf. This absolute silence remained for few moments which turned out to be million years. And within this deep silence, there were million words those were trying to jump out of my heart and get into the fenland. Then the stone again whispered, ‘Don’t feel bad, today I want to spend some time without saying anything, not even looking at you. I want to spend time alone. My loneliness is precious which even you can’t intrude.’

I slowly pulled myself from the ground and then took a step backward, then another one and the other one…

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