Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tungabhadra, you…

We met for very tiny moments comparing the length & width of life; but within these few moments, I found you to be very enchanting. At the beginning you were calm, quiet and little shy as well. And your reticence was the driving force for me to know you more, much more. Just after the initial bashfulness, I was startled to see your round current like a gypsy woman dancing on a moonlit night. The depth & force of the current was unimaginable until I reached that part of you, and you amazed me again! I never came across cyclone or tsunami, but surely it felt much more than any of those fairy-named storms! I was drowning inside without even thinking of any other intersections of life. Moreover, I didn’t want to get rid of your current, I enjoyed each pain like a blissful pleasure.

I didn’t know there was another surprise waiting for me; a sudden calm after that heavenly storm. As if you wanted to show how detached you are from all worldly pleasures. I became the closest to you in those few moments and far-off at the next. I was floating on the inertia of motion from your current and I feel that inertia has been installed deep down my heart somewhere which will keep me floating, even if we do not meet any more in this life or in some other millions-to-come.

You taught me how to live and enjoy the quietest moments deep inside myself even if there’s a destroying storm bangs on me every moment; you…Tungabhadra!

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