Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The magic stone – III

It was a call; a melancholy call from that stone perhaps in my dream. Dream or nightmare? I don’t know and I couldn’t ignore it as well. Again the fatal attraction started creeping in and I went out to see the stone. It was dark outside and there wasn’t any equipment with me which shows the time of the day. But the outside wintry & dozed security guards could tell me there is still couple of hours remaining to see the whitish light.

The chilling wind on the way reminded me of the chill on Egyptian desert and windy mid-winter on the Mediterranean islands. And when I reached the stone by the jogging track, I felt little warm. Strange, this place is same like the entire way, open air, but to my utter surprise, its little warm. It made me feel better. But, where’s the stone?! It took some time for me to identify it out of the pitch darkness of night. It was waiting for me under some long grasses which were serving as a blanket to the stone.

‘You little stone, what has happened? Why did you call me in this wee hour of the morning?’ My own voice sounded little unforgiving to me. Probably the yesterday’s dejection wasn’t melted yet. It took few moments to start the conversation.

‘My friend, I knew you’ll be able to hear my call someday. I’m calling you, this same melancholy call from births & re-births of the comets and before the Big Bang. And finally today on this wee hour of the morning, you’re able to hear me. What should I say? Is it an achievement or its just sheer destiny? Someday you were supposed to hear this, only my wait was eternal.’

‘Don’t think my friend that my wait is over with this. This is the beginning of another timeless wait until your soul reaches the final goal. You’ll take millions of rebirths, purifying your heart each time you born with my touch, and purifying your body on fire, each time you die.’

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