Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The rose and the gardener

It’s the air which has an affair with a rose. That rose could be anywhere, at anyone’s garden. For the sake of the story, let’s say the rose belongs to Eden garden. There’s a gardener as well to take care of the beautiful roses, he used to love them all. The vise-versa was also true, all the roses used to love the gardener. The lucky gardener used to think he’s really lucky to get love of all these beautiful species of roses, and the roses weren’t miser at all to give everything to the caring gardener.
But there was this rose, who used to love the gardener as a father-figure only. Her love was there for the air, for the breeze, which touches her gently, gives a soothing kiss every morning & evening with the charming sunlight and makes love all the night. The air’s love is different every night; sweet touching poetry on the cooling summer evening and stimulating romance on a stormy night. That’s how it is, but the gardener started feeling green-eyed.

‘It’s me who take care of you; it’s me who gives you food & water every day at the wee hours of morning. I leave my inviting early-morning sleep and prepare your food so that you can be more beautiful every day. Instead of doing all these for all these days, don’t you love me?! What else I can do to please you?’ The gardener yells.

The rose takes few moments and then says, ‘isn’t it your sheer ego, dear gardener?! It’s true that you wake up every morning, prepare food for me, you water me twice a day; you nurture me so that I become more beautiful every day. I’m grateful to you for all these. But for me, there is life beyond you, beyond this garden, even beyond this ground where I’m standing. Without questioning my existence, I can surely say there’s life beyond this earth which keeps me to stand straight and grow.
My dear gardener, I’m surviving on your mercy, but I’m living for myself. Let’s see how we came to know each other…you planted this plant, and I was born. And you kept on nurturing me from the very first day like a single parent. Can this be the only reason that my life would only be encircled by you? We all have our own orbits, and our orbits intersect at certain area; perhaps at this garden. You are close to me; we are near to each other only at this juncture. Apart from that, we are two absolute different souls and we both are in search of eternal love…’

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