Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunny side up

As the worst cook on earth, it was quite challenging to learn sunny side up eggs. The first confusion was how much oil or butter to heat? Well, I guess some and put that on frying pan and heat; now, for how long? What’s that event that would tell me it’s the time to break the eggs onto the hot liquid? Fine, again a guess (or experience, if you wanna call it) and I broke the first egg on the pan. Gosh! I wasn’t that gentle like the starred restaurant chef, some broken part of the egg-shell also got into the hot oil. Now you’ve the pain to use a spoon or fork and take them out. That also done, now I’m finally confused on how much time it should be fried? A minute or two, or more than ten minutes like a deep fried fish? With all my common senses that I have gathered from my mother’s womb to till date, I finally guessed, the more you fry, the harder will be the yellow yolk and more browner & crispier will be the white portion, mainly on the bottom. Why on earth everything related to cooking is so complicated?!

But while having this wonder made by me with toast and a pinch of salt; it tasted good to my tongue. And along with that, suddenly a thought came in my mind.

Isn’t it very similar to life? We are always confused on which ingredient to pour in our life and that’s in what quantity. At times some shell like elements get stuck to us which don’t cause any harm to anything; but we need to use a sharp-edged tool to bring them out from our life to make it more presentable. And finally life takes its own time to cook; so little that the yellow yolk of our heart doesn’t get harder than required and as much that outer white gets browner. It burns from the bottom anyway!

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